Case Study: How I Increased Organic Search Impressions For Rose Digital

I’ve always held the belief that if you run an agency or consulting company you should treat your organization like it’s a client. And while that’s not always possible (because clients always take precedent), when you do you can see the direct benefit of your efforts.

Here I’ll outline a few of the SEO wins Rose Digital has had and how I got there. This is a small, but poignant case study for how organic search can grow quickly with the right SEO strategy for your organization.

Below is a chart of Rose Digital’s organic search impressions throughout the past three months. You can see it started off slowly, primarily because there were only a few pages on the site to begin with, but as I’ve added content and optimized my Google My Business page, organic search has steadily grown.

Screen shot from Rose Digital’s Google Search Console showing organic impression growth over time.

So, what did I do to increase organic impressions?

This is a case study of sticking to SEO basics.

1. I optimized my Google My Business page.

To do this I wrote a business description that includes specific search terms I want Rose Digital to rank for, outlined my services in detail, and posted 1-2 days per week. For more Google My Business optimization tips click here.

2. On August 10, I added copy to my homepage, about me page, and contact page.

You can see the small jump in organic impressions from August 10 to August 11 from just adding a few, strategic lines of copy to each page.

3. On July 10, I started a blog.

I launched the Rose Digital blog with just three blog posts on July 10. Since then, I’ve added two blog posts per month. These blog posts serve two purposes:

  1. They are keyword focused and include (what I consider to be) the most important search terms for Rose Digital and
  2. They’re based on survey data from a LinkedIn poll I conducted.

Basing content on these two factors ensures I’m producing content that my potential customers and peers want to read.

Survey results from asking my LinkedIn followers what they want to learn about. SEO was topic with the most votes.
Survey results from asking my LinkedIn followers what they want to learn about.

And, the results speak for themself. After just three months, Rose Digital is now ranking locally for a number of top keywords and its organic impressions have increased from 300 impressions per week the first week of September 2020 to almost 1800 impressions the third week of October 2020.

Top ranking keywords for Rose Digital. These include columbus seo agency, digital marketing columbus, and more.
Top ranking keywords for Rose Digital.

So, what does this all come down to?

This comes down to three things:

  1. Sticking to SEO content basics is still important. The foundational elements of SEO (good keyword research, writing optimized copy, and creating content people want to read) are still impactful.
  2. Using data to support your SEO strategy and content direction is incredibly important (and will show in the results).
  3. Trust the process. You may not see big spikes in your organic search at the beginning, but if you stick to your strategy the results will come.

If you have questions about SEO and how to increase your organic traffic, send a note to I’m here to help.

Published by Amanda Leeman

I’ve worked in digital marketing in Columbus, Ohio for almost a decade in a variety of roles.

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