From website audits, to local search strategy, to paid search management, and more, I can help you drive the traffic you need to your website.

Have a digital marketing need? I can be an extension of your team.

SEO Services

SEO is now ingrained in every part of digital marketing and simply adding keywords to a webpage no longer suffices as search engine optimization. To grow organic traffic it takes strategic onsite and offsite optimizations.

I offer a wide range of SEO services and capabilities to help your organization grow its organic presence, including: SEO audits, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO strategy and recommendations, and SEO content writing. 

Paid Search

Paid search and organic search programs should work together to create a search presence. I work to ensure paid and organic are working in tandem and not competing against eachother.

I offer a range of paid search services, including: auditing paid search accounts, creating paid search strategies, building paid search campaigns, reporting, tracking budget and pacing, and optimizing and ongoing maintenance.

Website Audits

It’s important for any organization to understand its digital health. Is your website optimized to help you achieve your objectives? Is your paid search working for you as hard as it should or could? Is your social media actually driving new customers?

I can assess various aspects of your digital presence and help you understand where your organization has opportunities. My digital audit services include: SEO audits – both technical and content SEO, paid media audits, social media audits, and competitive audits.

Social Media Marketing

It’s no longer a question of whether an organization should have social media. The questions are now “what social media channels are best for my organization?,” “what kind of content is my customer interested in?,” and “how can social media make me money?” 

I offer a wide range of social media services to help you answer these questions, including: creating content calendars, community management, and advertising. In addition, I can help you set social media KPIs, growth objectives, and track results.

Find A Digital Marketing Agency

Do you need help finding a digital marketing agency? Do you not know where to start when writing an RFP? Do you want a digital marketer to help you vet digital marketing agencies? I can help.

Throughout my digital marketing career I have worked with numerous digital marketing agencies, written RFPs, and know the what to look for when searching for a good digital marketing partner. I can help you through the entire process from writing an RFP to hiring the best digital marketing agency for your organization.

Blog Strategy, Writing, and Reporting

A blog can be an incredibly useful tool for any business that has a digital presence. They help generate organic traffic and provide a no-pressure introduction to an organization. 

My blog services include: blog strategy, content calendar development, keyword research, and blog writing.